Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Questions of Story of an Hour

1. The story says Mrs. Mallard “had loved him [her husband]–sometimes. Often she did not.” If she was “often” not in love with him, why did she marry him?
- She married him because maybe she didn't have a choice. Her parents must've put them together or maybe he made her marry him.

2. What was life like for Mrs. Mallard in the home of Brently Mallard?
- Mr. Mallard must of been very mean to Mrs. Mallard because when she heard he did she felt free. Mr.Mallard must have made Mrs. Mallard do every house work and he probably was meant to her

3. In the report of the train accident, Brently Mallard's name was at the top of the list of fatalities (Paragraph 2). Does this information mean that Mallard was an important citizen in his community? Does it also suggest that perhaps Louise married him, in part, because of his standing in the community?
- I think she did because back in the day they would put people with good reputations together. Or maybe Mrs. Mallard had a bad reputation and in order to get a good reputation she married Mr. Mallard.

4. Do you believe Brently Mallard mistreated his wife? In answering this question, keep in mind the following: (1) In Paragraph 13, Louise Mallard recalls that Brently was kind and that "he had never looked save with love upon her." (2) However, Paragraph 8 had previously informed the reader that Mrs. Mallard's face "bespoke repression," and Paragraph 14 says Brently had a "powerful will bending her."
- Mr. Mallard probably mistreated her at home, but in public he probably treated her with love and respect.

5. How much of Mrs. Mallard's apparent unhappiness in her marriage was her own fault?
- I think none of it was her fault.

6. After Mrs. Mallard receives news that her husband died in a train accident, she goes to “her room.” Do these two words mean that she slept separately from her husband? Does the fact that no children are named in the story indeed indicate that she and her husband slept apart?
- I think now that her husband is dead she must own the house and now she has her own room.

7. Research the life of Kate Chopin (1851-1904). Then decide whether the death of her husband in 1882 influenced her when she wrote “The Story of an Hour,” published in 1894 in Vogue magazine.
-It did influence her a lot, because she can express her self through her stories.

8. Did author Chopin herself face problems similar to those of Mrs. Mallard?
- Kinda , not really because her husband was abusive to her but she didn't experience what Mrs. Mallard went through.


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why do you think it wasn't her fault about the love question?

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Marrage is horrible, make sure you dont get married

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